Oaklands is a designated COVID-19 vaccination site for Folkestone, Hythe & Rural’s Primary Care Network.

For patients that are due a COVID-19 vaccine, we encourage this to be booked in via your registered GP practice. Patients are notified via text message or phone call when they are eligible to book in for their vaccine and can book in online.

However if you feel you meet current government guidelines and have not received a message, please attend one of our clinics detailed below.

If you have received a letter from NHS England explaining that you need a fourth vaccine and it has been 3 months since your third, please attend one of the clinics below.

Oaklands Health Centre vaccination clinic dates (updated regularly)

Children's clinics (5 to 11 years of age)

Thursday 19th May between 9am and 10am for BOOKED APPOINTMENTS

Thursday 30th June between 9am and 10am for BOOKED APPOINTMENTS

Spring Booster Vaccines (Over 75's) and Adult clinics (over 12 years of age)

The Spring Booster is eligible to patients over the age of 75 that had their Booster dose six months ago.

Saturday 21st May between 9am and 1pm for BOOKED and WALK IN APPOINTMENTS

Saturday 11th June between 9am and 11am for BOOKED appointments only


The timeline of vaccinations for patients that are classed as immunosuppressed are as follows:

  • Received first dose
  • Receive second dose 8 weeks later
  • Receive third dose 8 weeks later
  • Receive fourth dose 3 months later
  • Receive Booster dose 6 months later

Please note that clinics operate on different days depending on age. We will be unable to vaccinate children when an adult vaccination clinic is in operation and vice versa.