Services We Provide

Contraceptive Servies

These are offered by all the doctors and some of our practice nurses.  


Antenatal care

The midwife Siobhan Bolton is now based at Hythe Bay Youth Centre.  You antenatal care will be provided at this base but postnatal care is provided by all the doctors at the surgery.


Minor surgery & Joint Injections

Minor surgery and joint injections are performed by Dr Chandrakumar. Your doctor may refer to Dr Chandrakumar and if appropriate you will be booked into a clinic. Some of our other GPs can offer joint injections. Please check with reception which GP offers the appropriate joint injection and arrange a consultation to discuss further.  For information leaflets about each procedure please click on the following link:-

Minor Surgery Procedure - Patient Information Leaflet

Joint Injection Procedure - Patient Information Leaflet


Nurse Practitioners 

Our Nurse Practitioners are available daily and can deal with minor illness such as cystitis, chest infections, rashes, sore throats, and minor infections.  They can issue prescriptions where appropriate and refer if necessary. 


Nursing Services

Our nursing team have a wide range of skills. Our practice nurses can perform asthma and diabetic checks, well-person checks (offering lifestyle advice), HRT checks, cervical smear tests, contraceptive advice and services (pill checks and contraceptive injections, for example), routine and holiday vaccinations, blood tests, ECG’s, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring and wound care.

It should be noted that some holiday vaccinations require payment from the patient – please discuss this with our nurses. We are registered to give Yellow Fever immunisations.  


Child health checks

These appointments are arranged by our Health Visitors. Routine 8 week checks for new babies are performed by the doctors at the surgery and childhood immunisations are given at the surgery by the practice nurses.



NHS referrals are made to hospital and community physiotherapy departments if your doctor feels this is appropriate. There is a private physiotherapy service based at Oaklands Health Centre - if you wish to be seen privately please contact Joanne Balachandran on 07925 144069.